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Complex SATCOM Solutions

Artel has 30 years of experience designing and delivering secure end-to-end solutions that combine bandwidth, teleport access, terminals, terrestrial tail circuits, network management, and engineering services.  We have supported airborne, maritime, and ground operations with custom SATCOM solutions that provide mission-critical communications when they are needed most.

Artel was the very first industry partner in the U.S. Government’s Future COMSATCOM Services Acquisition (FCSA) program, and our expertise is available on the newly awarded CS3 Contract Vehicle, as well as GSA IT Schedule 70, SIN’s 132-54 for Transponded Capacity and 132-55 for Subscription Services.

“The provided space segment exceeded the original, and new technical requirements of the PWS and its follow-on. As a result of Artel’s performance, DHS/CBP’s missions were successful and DHS/CBP wrote expressing their pleasure of the services provided.”

“Artel has supported many DISA DITCO satellite contracts over the years. Artel executes each contract with Project/Contract Management professionalism through open communication with DITCO contracting office and RSSC-West. The methodology used to manage these programs across Artel has been instrumental in maintaining our excellent performance.”

“Artel has provided exceptional service. They have gone above and beyond to ensure services were up and ready for the customer.”

CTC 0026 CPARS Contracting Officer

  • Partnerships with multiple satellite operators for cost-effective network solutions
  • Requirements analysis and systems engineering for fielding validated and compliant network solutions
  • Support for secure and non-secure voice, video, and data using NIPRNet and SIPRNet connectivity
  • Software/hardware development and testing, integration, validation, and implementation
  • Link budget calculation
  • Mobile, fixed, and broadcast satellite services
  • Transponded capacity for dedicated bandwidth
  • Subscriptions to pre-existing satellite services
  • Frequency clearances and Host Nation Agreements
  • Terminal testing, acquisition, and life-cycle management
  • Teleport access
  • 24×7 bandwidth monitoring
  • Managed network services for troubleshooting and issue resolution

Infrastructure Modernization

The Social Security Agency (SSA) tasked Artel with modernizing its core SATCOM infrastructure, which includes an agency-owned Interactive Video Teletraining network, Visual Communications Control Center (VCCC), and the Social Security Television network, collectively referred to as Satellite Communications Services (SCS).

SCS serves more than 62,000 employees at more than 1,600 locations nationwide. Artel is responsible for operations and maintenance of the entire infrastructure, which includes the satellite uplink, downlink locations in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, satellite transponder airtime, and the VCCC support desk.

When we began the project, the satellite modulator – a key component of SCS – had reached its end of life. Further, the SSA was using a proprietary process for switching between redundant modulators. Artel installed a new modulator as well as standard commercial switching technology, which significantly reduced SCS operating costs.

Artel also implemented a customized monitoring and control system that could support both the newer portion of the infrastructure as well as the existing portion. As a result, the SSA reduced its control room footprint by three full racks of equipment. In addition to delivering major cost savings, this technology upgrade improved system performance by 42 percent – all without interrupting ongoing SCS operations.

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