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Terrestrial Connectivity

Artel delivers global, end-to-end terrestrial communications solutions for seamless, secure voice, video, and data – including network design, integration, engineering, and implementation.

“We were able to meet the new DITCO team by having one-on-one interactions to better understand their vision, and how we can work collaboratively to better address their needs.”

(2018 SWA DISA Telecommunication Critical Infrastructure Symposium)

Artel, LLC CIO - Greg Fornino

  • MPLS architecture with more than 100 locations
  • Point-to-point and direct Internet access circuits
  • Copper, fiber, and wireless technologies
  • Layer 3 VPN technology
  • Circuit design, procurement, testing, commission, and maintenance
  • Adherence to throughput, latency, packet loss, and jitter acceptance criteria
  • Circuit redundancy for network resiliency
  • Circuit diagrams/circuit records
  • Terrestrial route design
  • Vendor-agnostic solutions for cost-effective, reliable connectivity
  • Established relationships with telecom service providers worldwide
  • Customized solutions based on infrastructure availability
  • Inside Plant and Outside Plant cabling support

Providing enterprise-level connectivity in Africa and the Near East

Artel has several customers that require wide-ranging terrestrial connectivity in both Africa and the Near East regions. These customers need secure, scalable, and reliable network services – often in austere and politically unstable locations. Each customer has stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) criteria for various factors, such as packet jitter, latency, dropped packet ratio, etc.

Artel developed and maintains a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network core and additional infrastructure to support these requirements. For one customer, we provide the equipment and personnel to deliver 4 Gbps of terrestrial capacity to more than 30 locations within the Middle East and Africa. We designed, procured, commissioned, and maintain the terrestrial circuits, consistently exceeding the 99.65 percent network availability SLA.

Artel’s network design incorporates a unique, proprietary solution, providing highly scalable, true multipoint capability. This network solution simplifies implementation and management across multiple sites, with a single interface versus multiple separate interfaces to each site. This configuration also allows us to easily route traffic across various carrier clouds within Artel’s architecture, ensuring network diversity and redundancy.

Because Artel maintains relationships with multiple service providers throughout Africa and the Near East, we can negotiate more competitive pricing and more stringent SLAs for each customer we support. And, we have the flexibility to choose from several vendors for any given circuit based on their strength in the specific country within Africa or the Near East. This approach also ensures availability of alternate suppliers for circuit installation in case of primary path complications.

We consistently provide secure, reliable connectivity to some of the hardest to reach locations in the world, including Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, and Gambia.

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