The Defense Information Support Agency (DISA) sponsored a key, critical, inaugural AFRICOM symposium, USAFRICOM Critical Infrastructure, on May 7 & 8 in Stuttgart, Germany.  Artel, LLC. Vice President of Business Strategy & Development, Phil Nesbitt, and Senior Network Engineer, Mike Heister were presenters in the open forum, and spoke on “The Pros and Cons of African Infrastructure for Telecommunications” highlighting Artel’s presence, our experience and perspectives, and recommendations regarding terrestrial telecommunications in Africa.  Artel also participated in one-on-one sessions with senior DISA leadership, and discussed a number of relevant areas and ideas, traditional/non-traditional approaches to terrestrial communications being a key topic.

We also discussed:

  • the ability to blend vendors and technologies to create custom solutions
  • innovation and forward thinking
  • the benefits of hybrid solutions
  • providing first-world solutions in third-world locations.

Within this context, one speaker offered this comment, “The most dangerous weapon in AFRICOM is the “Fiber Seeking Backhoe;” an observation that everyone in the room could agree with.

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