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Artel Congratulates NETCOM RCC-EUR on Their Win!

June 24, 2019 – As a direct subordinate to the United States Army Cyber Command, NETCOM ensures U.S. Army network security and cyberspace access and usage, while thwarting the activities of their adversaries in this domain. NETCOM Regional Cyber Centers (RCCs) compete each year in a series of exercises to win the title of NETCOM RCC of the Year.

This year, the seventh annual NETCOM competition, entitled Elite Mercury, concluded in June with the Gaining Cyber Dominance program. On June 8, Major General Maria B. Barrett announced and congratulated the winners:

  1. RCC-EUR
  2. RCC-PAC
  3. RCC-SWA

Under Alan Gerber’s leadership, five Artel, LLC staff members contributed to this win; particularly during the environment preparation process. The Artel contributors were:

  1. Owen Griffith
  2. Troy Anderson
  3. Ryan Lerwick
  4. Nina Hartney
  5. James McDonald

I would characterize our participation as a team effort” said Alan Gerber. “At least one Artel person participates directly, although all support the critical aspects of environment preparation, and assist with problem detection and resolution.

As an NGC team member, Artel staff make up nine of the approximately 55 contractors who augment the military and GS civilian staff at the RCC-EUR.

We congratulate the RCC-EUR on their win. All of us at Artel are extremely proud of our staff for effectively bringing their expertise to bear on this valuable program to positively impact the NETCOM mission. Click here for more information >


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