Pilot 3 – Enterprise SATCOM Operations

HERNDON, VA, June 13, 2019 — Artel, LLC received a subcontractor award from LinQuest Corporation in support of Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) for Pilot 3—a prototype development contract designed to further AFSPC’s vision to provide Enterprise Management and Control (EM&C) for future Enterprise SATCOM Operations.

Artel developed a unique virtualized network environment to demonstrate this proof of concept, effectively testing real-world performance and proposed control and data plane switching technologies by allowing both physical and virtual connections to the simulated network. By using the rapid reconfiguration capability of the simulated network environment, various network conditions such as increased latency, cable obstructions, and packet loss could be tested more efficiently. In addition, our design approach provided multi-ISP testbed functionality, enabling support for multiple, simultaneous network connections. The flexibility of Artel’s network simulation environment will allow SMC to rapidly prototype enterprise-level solutions in an environment built with real-world scenarios for design validation.

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