Artel, LLC is proud to announce that it will serve on the 2019 Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Government Working Group (GWG). According to the SSPI press release dated January 8, 2019, the  working groups will be involved with a “host of policy issues including: regulatory issues (satellite licensing, spectrum allocation and regulatory policy); government services, earth observation legislation, public safety, export control policy and international trade issues.”

The Artel, LLC SATCOM team members who will serve on the GWG are Dr. XT Vuong (Vice President & Chief Scientist), Ed Spitler (Head of SATCOM), and Todd Cress (Manager SATCOM Capture & Client Relations). As one of the key commercial providers of satellite bandwidth to the DoD, Artel is honored to bring extensive expertise to bear on the topics that will be addressed by the SSPI GWG, and to gain and share detailed insight into the future of the industry.

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