During the August 9, 2018 FCW Cybersecurity Summit in Washington DC, speakers such as Ron Ross (NIST) and Brian Gattoni (Dept. of Homeland Security) offered their perspectives regarding the future of cybersecurity. Program contributors included guest speakers from private industry organizations, who offered input from their technological standpoints.

Randy Billingsley of Artel, LLC’s Business Development and Capture Management team attended the summit and shared his feedback from the Government contractor viewpoint. “It was clear to me that there is a key factor to building the strongest possible cybersecurity practices and strategies,” he said. “Federal agencies need to do a better job of sharing cyberthreat information with the private sector if they’re going to defeat increasingly complex cyberattacks from nation states. We need to create and foster effective partnerships between industry and the Government. We need to identify, together, the most critical data points, how to protect that data, and how to share threat information among all data users,” Mr. Billingsley observed. “Collaborative partnerships ensure a more global understanding, and lead to the best solutions. The exchange of cyberthreat information between the Government and industry is the cornerstone of developing ways to protect against digital attacks.”

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